Version History

  • Relese 0.0.0
    • First Version release
  • Update 0.1.0
    + Fixed the “restarting always adds new party members ontop of the existing party” bug.
    + Removed quitting via ESC, it wont be available under Mobile anyway. You now quit by simply opening the menu and select Quit. Also, this Quit returns you to the main menu first. I think this is much easier to understand.
  • Update 0.1.1
    + Fixed Nil Error in intro text (due to missing translation entries)
    + Fixed Nil Error in loot window (due to missing translation entries)
    + Fixed Nil Error on Hero Panel (object has already been destroyed)
    + Fixed Nil Error on Monster Panel (object has already been destroyed)
    + Fixed Error that allowed dead monsters to attack
  • Documentation Update
    + Added new chapter “Updating” (at the very end of the docs)
    + Added new chapter “Languages” (under point 5)
    + Added new chapter “Text Manager” (under point 5-2-3)
  • Documentation Update
    + Added new chapter “Audio Manager” (5-2-4)
    + Added new chapter “Battle Manager” (5-2-5)
    + Added new chapter “Effect Manager” (5-2-6)
    Those managers are pretty self explanatory and the chapters quite short.
  • Update 0.1.2
    + Fixed a bug where skills in the menu appeared off-position
    + Fixed a bug where using a skill resulted in a NIL exception due to missing language
    + Assigned “Defend” Status to battle manager (defending had no effect previously)
    + Assigned “Heal” default ability to “Salahd” (was empty before)
    + Assigned “Fireball” default abiltiy to “Piera” (was empty before)
    + Added “base” and “bonus” mana cost to both “Heal” and “Fireball” skills (was 0 before)
    + Added 10 base “max MP” to “Mage” and “Priest” classes (was 0 before)
    + Added base equipment to “Hiero” and “Salahd”
    + Added several names in german + english
    (those are just simply assignments, no real updates or fixes, to make the example gameplay more understandable)
    + Audio Manager -> Renamed “JingleVictoryEpic” to “JingleVictoryBoss” as its more obvious
    (you might have to re-assign your audio clip here, done in 1 click)
    + added a empty icon to represent the skills for now
    + Removed several obsolete Debug Log outputs and outdated comments etc.
    + Removed “german” as default language for now, as its way easier to maintain
    (full multi language support is still available of course)
    + Added Changelog txt file and moved version to that file instead of inside the readme
  • Update 0.1.3
    + Added new NIL checks and Debug Log Warnings when language names/descriptions are missing
    + Fixed a few typos in the tooltip window

    + Fixed mixed up german/english welcome message in the Item Shop
    + Added names in german/english to default weapons/armor
    + Added a few base stats to weapons/armor

  • Update 0.1.4
    + Added a note to both the “ReadMe” and the online “Documentation” about how to setup the
    walls correctly (add a layer “wall” and assign it to all wall prefabs, as unity package
    export does not export layers correctly).

    + Reordered the “Upgrade Attribute” buttons in the character status screen (the order is
    fixed and must be changed manually if you change the attributes used in your game).

    + Added a “Skip” button to the “Cutscene” screen to skip all texts.

  • Update 0.1.5
    + Fixed a bug where items could not be activated, even if they should
    + Fixed a bug where monsters would always attack the first hero in the party
    + Fixed a bug where heroes are still able to attack, even when dead
  • Update 0.1.6
    + Fixed a bug that messed up being able to equip/unequip items
  • Update 0.1.7
    + Fixed a bug that messed up exporting tilemaps
  • Update 0.1.8
    + [FIX] Wrong target names used in the console log.
    + [FIX] Dead heroes still gained exp and therefore levelled up.
    + [FIX] Removed, Dead characters still added “turn begins” to the log.
    + [FIX] Removed, Dead characters still added “passes the turn” to the log.
    + [FIX] Random monster group selection was messed up.
    + [FIX] Random monster group amount was messed up.
    + [ADD] Added min/max amount to battles started via floor tiles or events. also added option to scale the amount of monsters with party members.