Retro Dungeon Crawler Kit (Early Bird Version)

$50.00 $10.00

Version 0.1.1

This is the very first release of the RDCK at a greatly reduced price. The kit is feature complete (includes savegames) and a fair amount of documentation is available as well.

Please note that there will be bugs left, I try to provide fixes ASAP.

Buyers will receive a free voucher later, should this asset arrive on the official unity asset store.

Requires Unity Engine (LTS versions are recommended, but should work on all 2018 versions as well).

Super-Quickstart: This version already ships with iTween installed (that is open-source) – you simply import the whole package into a fresh Unity project (3d). Go to the “Game” scene and hit play. The rest is done by using the map editor and editing the various Scriptable Objects in the Resources folder.

I strongly suggest you join our Discord Server, as all updates and fixes are discussed and posted there:

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