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Wizardry 5 – Heart of the Maelstrom

  • Name: Wizardry 5 – Heart of the Maelstrom
  • Platforms: Apple ][, Commodore 64, SNES, Satellaview, PC, NEC PC-9801
  • Date Released: 1988

With the orb safely in hand, the kingdom of sages and wizards learned quite a bit about life and magic, and Llylgamyn returned to its former peace… for a time. Like all things, though, this magically-augmented tranquility eventually broke down as well. Some grand creator must have really had it in for the place, too, as this time it seemed like the very fabric of reality itself had been torn asunder. Chaos was literally leaking out, most prominently in a series of maze-like caverns (the Maelstrom) under the temple of the sages (called the Brotherhood). This was all pretty grim, but the sages knew what to do ? or rather, they knew who would know what to do: a demigod called the Gatekeeper, who was well-versed in this sort of stuff. After some scrying, they found out that he had been captured, and was being held in the heart of the Maelstrom.

Further investigation also revealed a mysterious lady known from the Brotherhood who wanted to end all order in the universe. And she’d had a three-year head start on achieving this goal, so time was short! Some heroes had to step up fast, talk to the high priest of the Brotherhood to find out what to do, then charge into the Maelstrom,save the Gatekeeper, and stop The Sorn.

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