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Wizardry 3 – Legacy of Llylgamyn

  • Name: Wizardry 3 – Legacy of Llylgamyn
  • Platforms: Apple ][, Commodore 64, NES, NEC PC-9801
  • Date released: 1983

Though Llylgamyn prospered, that peace was eventually broken not by man, but by nature itself. Earthquakes, changes in climate, thundering storms… Things got turbulent, but people were able to ignore it until it started hitting Llylgamyn proper. A quake cracked Gnilda’s temple, and nearby volcanoes started belching ash and fire. The sages and wizards and soothsayers consulted their magic, and the signs were clear: the end of the world was at hand. While some panicked, others knew that there was one artifact that could reveal the source of all this craziness: a magic orb owned by the dragon, L’kbreth. This dragon was pretty smart, and hid it in a place that was guarded by the powers of both good and evil. And since quite a bit of time had passed since the last dungeon quest, it was left up to the descendents of our previous heroes to step up and save Llylgamyn.

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