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Wizardry 2 – The Knight of Diamonds

  • Name: Wizardry 2 – The Knight of Diamonds
  • Platforms: Apple ][, Commodore 64, NES, NEC PC-9801
  • Date Released: 1982

After your team of intrepid adventurers laid out a proper beating and got the amulet, Trebor sent in the rest of his army to clean house, and set up guards to make sure Werdna would never, ever come back again. Unfortunately, by this time, Trebor had gone a bit over the edge (quite literally!), and took a long leap off a short spire. Things got pretty quiet after that.

Time passed, and there was this staff in the city that would keep away evil: If you wanted to be bad in the town, you literally couldn’t get in. But if you were born bad, there wasn’t much that could be done, now, was there? And Davalpus was that kind of guy. He learned all the bad stuff Werdna learned, got better at it, charged into the royal family’s castle and gave a demonstration as to why he was the main villain of this part of the tale.

Quick and easy solution to that, though: The prince of the royal family charged at Davalpus, there was a big flash of light, and boom – no prince, no Davalpus, but most notably, no staff. The god who claimed it, Gnilda, left a note saying she was quite fed up with all the hubbub, and that her protective staff had been placed, strangely enough, in a deep labyrinth under the temple. And so, it was time for your intrepid group of adventurers to get the staff and bring Llylgamyn back to safety.

And so it went. Always a crazy maze, always an item to find at the bottom, and always an evil to vanquish…

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