Q: What kind of game am I able to create using this asset?
A: The Retro Dungeon Crawler Kit is geared towards a special niche of RPGs: First person, Party-based, grid-based, turn-based 3d dungeon crawlers like Wizardry, Might and Magic, Etrian Odyssey or Elminage Original.

Q: Can I re-create one of the original Wizardry games using RDCK?
A: Basically yes. There are still a few features missing, but those will be added later on (like disarming traps and picking locks). It should be noted that I departed from the original Wizardry design here and there due to my own preferences in RPG games.

Q: Do you have a example game that we can create using RDCK?
If you want a perfect example, take a look at the newest installment of the Wizardry Series: Wizardry – Labyrinth of Lost Souls. ca. 90% of the features are already available (besides character creation, reincarnation, locked and trapped chests and a few other things).

Q: Can we re-distribute the artworks that come with the asset?
A: Yes, the art was created especially for this asset. You can also sell it as part of your own game (Note: You are not allowed to re-sell the art itself).

Q: Do I require any programming skills in order to use this asset?
A: No, RDCK is fully Inspector driven and ships with a built-in map editor as well.

Q: Can I change the art style or am I limited to the art-style in the demo?
A: As far as your question is about using Sprites, you can change the art style any way you like. Most objects are prefabs anyway so you can replace them and even turn them into 3d with extra effort.

Q: Can I change the Monster Sprites to animated 3d models?
A: Not without additional programming. Combat for example does not use Unity3d’s Animations, so you will have to add that yourself. All sprites are contained inside prefabs so it is doable with some extra effort.

Q: Does the dungeon use sprites as well?
A: No. The Dungeon is full 3d using 3d models. Sprites are only used to represent items, monsters and npcs.

Q: Why does the asset use Sprites and not models?
A: There are several reasons for using Sprites. First of all, Sprites mimic the Retro style of the 90s that this asset is based on. Sprites are also much simpler to acquire (Asset Store, Stock Art Sources or Commissions) compared to 3d models. Sprites are also much quicker and easier to integrate.

Q: Is the number of party members fixed or limited?
A: No. You can have any number of party members starting from just one. Altough it makes sense to limit player parties to a maximum of 6 members due to micromanagement.

Q: Is the asset feature complete or do I have to wait until you finished core features?
A: RDCK is released with all important core features and several additional features included, but of course there is always something to add.

Q: Can I build a complete game from start to finish using this asset?
A: Yes. RDCK ships with everything you need from the main menu, intro text the actual game and outro text.

Q: Is this asset compatible to other assets?
A: Not without additional programming. RDCK is a “framework” so it is a self-contained editor for building grid based dungeon crawlers. If you want to combine RDCK with 3rd party assets from the store, you will need a programmer to put them together.

Q: Does this asset feature a plugin or addon system?
A: Definitely no. This is a “framework” – I will do my best to add all features requested by the community (as long as those features are “retro/oldschool”).

Q: Can Monsters move around in the dungeon?
A: No, this is not possible due to certain internal limiations (Monsters would be activating triggers and mess everything up etc.). In Wizardry and most other oldschool games, Monsters are just encounters – and thats totally OK for this type of game.

Q: How about performance (also on mobile)?
A: Thanks to the retro style this asset is highly performant. Frame rates of 80+ fps in the editor are a common sight, the asset itself is only a few MB and the scriptable objects take only a few dozen to a few hundred bytes each. All data is kept in the Resources folder in loaded into dictionaries on demand, this should easily allow for thousands of monsters, items and other objects without any performance loss. The 2d sprite representation that is used most of the time makes the asset optimal for mobile as well.

Q: Does the asset ship with full source included?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you plan more assets after this one?
A: Not at the moment. I might do a full fledged 3d Dungeon Crawler Kit in the future.