Welcome to the Retro Dungeon Crawler Kit!

RDCK is currently the only feature-complete “unity dungeon crawler editor” out there on the market. Where other solutions provide you only with a map editor or maze generator, RDCK is a complete oldschool RPG system out of the box. The perfect starting point to create a first person dungeon crawler using the Unity3d engine.

Create exciting oldschool 3d Dungeon Crawler games without a single line of code using this asset. You will be able to design a first person, grid based, party based, turn based RPG with gameplay similar to Wizardry, Shining in the Darkness, Arcana, Shin Megami Tensei and other golden Oldies. Or more modern ones like Elminage Original, Demon Gaze or Etrian Odyssey. The 3d Dungeon Crawler Kit (RDCK) ships with common core features included and is ready for game production.

(Version 0.1.8 updated 21st Jan 2019)


  • Single-Player – This asset is for building classical single-player games without any network functionality.
  • Sprite-Based – Objects like items and monsters are represented using 2d sprites instead of 3d models. This reduces complexity and increases speed and performance. The dungeon itself is represented in full 3d.
  • Grid-Based – All movement inside dungeons is grid-based, your whole party moves one step on the grid at a time. This simplifies controls and dungeon-building and makes the game much more enjoyable on mobile. No collision problems, no quirky on-screen joystick.
  • Party-Based – You as a player control a party of any number of characters (even just one). Take care of your party members, their spells, inventories and equipment. Micromanage all aspects of your party including combat commands.
  • Turn-Based – Movement as well as combat are turn-based, there is no realtime action. Take the time to think about your next move.
  • Dungeon-Map-Based – The heart of any RDCK game are the various dungeon maps and the player moves on one map at a a time. The player can teleport between maps by using Stairs or other objects, this does not require a additional scene. Map loading and unloading is done at runtime. Towns and the Worldmap are menu-based but can be represented by a Dungeon-Map as well if desired.
  • Encounter-Based – Monster Encounters are random and appear all of a sudden, just like in the old days.
  • Inspector-Based – Not a single line of coding is required. Create your game database by simply editing templates and tiles through Unity’s inspector.
  • Map Editor included – This asset ships with a 2d map-editor included that allows you to build complex dungeon levels. Place your previously created monsters, items, doors, stairs etc. with just one click. The map editor will convert the 2d dungeon map into a grid-based 3d environment.
  • Mobile-Ready – RDCK uses a simple click/touch based control scheme without complicated controls and is therefore suited for mobile play. In addition, the sprite-based graphics reduce processing power and are ideal for mobile devices.

The oldschool 3d graphics use sprites instead of models for monsters and characters and allow you to integrate content at the highest pace. Based on my own experiences with Unity3d, the Retro Dungeon Crawler Toolkit was built around three principles:

  • Ease – It makes content creation as easy as possible. Every object in the game ranging from Characters, Maps and Monsters to Items and Abilities is easily editable via scriptable objects and the integrated map editor.
  • Complexity – RDCK  is feature complete and includes grid based movement, combat, level-ups, shops & purchases as well as item/ability usage, stat scaling and monster encounters. New features will be added with every major update.
  • Speed – The simplified retro 3d graphics and the powerful scriptable objects make content creation very fast. Create an item in a minute, a Monster with abilities/stats in five minutes, add a small dungeon level in one hour or a small multi-level dungeon in one weekend